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I Design offers full service theater services.  From design, construction, acoustics, electronics, and furnishings.  Let us turn that unused space into the most used space in your home. 


We have worked with the same construction team building theaters for years.  The relationship results in a well constructed theater with all the attention to the details that make this the most special room in your home. 


Designing a home theater is a unique process. Many criteria can effect the final performance and enjoyment of the room including placement of vents, room dimensions, and lighting zones. We have the experience and knowledge to make the room functional and artistic. 


Proper selection of audio video equipment is critical to the performance of the final theater experience. We can design a system that is high performance, easy to use, and high value from the best vendors in the industry. 


Home theater room acoustics will effect the sound quality as much, if not more, than the electronics selected. The room needs to be dimensioned properly, and treated with the correct accessories to provide the movie theater experience in your home, 


We will help furnish your room right down to the lighting, theater seats, wall treatments, and carpeting. Examples include: seating that needs to maintain the proper angle to view the screen, lighting that needs to provide visibility while not effecting the quality of image on the screen, and more.